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Chris Barela

As a scuba diver and former pro surfer Chris enjoys touring, traveling, and traversing the most eminent oceans around the world. Originally from Southern California, he now resides along Hawaii’s Kona Coast, which encourages connecting to the sea and inspiring his amazingly life-like collection of marine sculptures. This passion for illustrating vivid underwater color influences Barela as an instrumental artist in developing Bronze Fine Art Collection’s brilliance in patina hues and finishes. Being an avid fisherman, Barela launched his initial series focusing on gamefish sculptures. He supports catch and release and promotes conservation efforts to keep oceans healthy and abundant with marine life. As the perfect alternative to fish-mount trophies, his sculptures also help fund catch and release awareness within the gamefish industry.

Internationally, Barela is one of the most famous bronze sculptor/patina artists of our time. His work continues to explore the marine environment and subjects such as memorial sculptures of people, landmarks, and live action scenes. Barela is dedicated to ensuring every sculpture is a masterpiece. His collectors are astounded by the quality and hand craftsmanship which require 200-300 hours to manufacture/produce.

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Brian Arthur photo

Brian Arthur

After completing his studies at Southport College of Arts, Brian pursued his career at the Burslem School of Design in Staffordshire, England, where he spent two years before joining the Rawnsley Atelier in Chelsea, London. There he worked on hand-thrown sculptures and ornamental designs. When this prestigious studio opened a branch in the Bahamas, Brian was selected to assist other local craftsmen and artists produce sculpture and pottery. Brian spent several months in France and Italy before he was invited to America by sculptor Felix DeWeldon to help him work on several major commemorative public sculptures, including the Iwo Jima and Harry S. Truman monuments. Brian’s work is shown in galleries throughout the United States. In addition to creating his unique Living Series of bronze collectibles, Brian accepts a limited number of commissions each year.

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Jose Munoz

At an early age Jose’s passion for art began by molding with extra dough from his mother’s cooking to sculpt four-legged critters, usually cows and dogs. He also loved to run outside when it was raining to make his own “clay” from mud, creating animal figures and playing with them until they became dry and crumbled. Self taught he has been drawn to sculpting because of his inner need to create. He pursued this interest in art while working at a fabrication foundry where he continued to hone his artistic skills.

From his work with many talented artists, he was encouraged to sculpt his first hummingbird. “I love the feeling of freedom and joy that I get during the process and completion of a Hummingbird sculpture.” Mesmerized by the impressive aerobatic maneuverability of these petite birds that fly forward, backward, sideways, upside down, straight up, with a pause to hover – Jose’s sculptures bring to life the joyful happiness of the wind trilling beneath the hummingbird’s wings.

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Kotsis Koi

A stunning collection of limited edition bronze sculptures inspired by the timeless  in beauty and shimmering radiance of koi fish.

Artist John Kotsis is passionate about creating sculptural work that express his fascination with the inherent artistry and allure of the natural world. Kotsis is a master in the creation of exquisite patinas in colors and finishes that not only bring out the essence of his sculptural subjects, but are truly unique in their beauty and elegance.

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Marty Goldstein

Marty Goldstein

Marty Goldstein, a native Californian, who spent his childhood in San Diego with one brother and two Irish Setters, and that is where our story begins.

Many years later, when Marty retired from the rigors of corporate life, he rediscovered his passion for art. After taking numerous classes, the artist found himself eager to create a series of whimsical bronze “Harvey Dogs” which he enjoys sharing with anyone who loves animals or simply delights in beginning each day with a smile or a chuckle.

Harvey Dogs have found homes throughout Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada. To date this charming collection has grown into a series of approximately 100 bronzes, all limited editions. Approximately 12 galleries throughout the United States exhibit Harvey Dogs. While whimsical Harvey Dogs are his forte, Marty also has created many look alike special breeds as commissions for clients, one which rests on the counter of the Franklin D. Roosevelt library in Hye Park, New York, a tribute to Fala, FDR’s beloved Scottie.

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